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Who Needs a Loft Ladder? 

To put it simply if you are planning to use your loft as storage at all. Even if you are just storing your Christmas decorations, you should be having a loft ladder fitted. This is the safest method of transporting items up and down from your loft as the loft ladder is fixed in place so there is no risk of your ladder topping over and consequently you with it while accessing your loft.  

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Does My Loft Ladder Need Replacing? 

The only reason you would need to replace a loft ladder was if your safety were going to be in danger when using it. This could be for multiple reasons but here is a list of things to look out for that will indicate that you will need to replace your loft ladder before using it.  

Faulty sliding mechanism: There are two types of loft ladders: sliding and concertina and both use very distinct - but equally important - sliding mechanics to make ascending and descent easier. The sliding mechanism might become stuck over time (even though maintenance is minimal) and prevent it from running smoothly. Most of the time, a fast lubrication blast will solve the problem. Otherwise, it is possible that you are due for a replacement. 

Foot grips that have worn out: If your loft ladder has foot grips, as most do, make sure they are still in good working order. If your loft ladder is resting on a bare floor, the grips are likely to have worn out over time, which might cause unexpected slipping. 

Handrails that becomes dislodged: Many loft ladders include a handrail for increased stability. While it would take a lot of power to knock a handrail out of its fixed place, repeated use (especially when it is relied on for support) can cause it to loosen over time. It is time to install a full replacement if the problem is beyond repair or if an expert does not advocate it. 

Treads that are loose or broken: Treads that are loose or broken are a sure-fire way to a tumble or a severe ankle injury. This could be due to improper use or exceeding the maximum weight tolerance. Even if only one of the treads is loose or broken, you cannot securely use the loft ladder since your footing and balance are constantly at risk - whether you try to avoid the broken tread. 

You should be checking your loft ladder every year for these faults especially if you have just moved into a house with a loft ladder and you do not know when it was installed.  

How To Choose the Right Loft Ladder? 

Types of loft ladder 

There is a wide variety of loft ladders to choose from, making it difficult to determine which one is the best fit for you. Fortunately, we have a whole guide dedicated to explaining the differences between each type of loft ladder and why someone might buy each type to help you decide which loft ladder would fit perfectly into your home and exactly suit your needs. 

Which Material Is Better For Loft Ladders? 

Loft ladders come in a variety of sizes and materials, making it difficult to select the best one for your home. Loft ladders are typically made of wood or aluminium, which are the most popular materials for loft ladders. Choosing the best material for you is a personal decision, and each material has its own set of benefits. Wooden loft ladders are more durable and come with a loft hatch, but aluminium loft ladders are a less expensive option that can be used with an existing hatch. 

If you would like more detail into choosing which loft ladder material would be best for your situation when we have a loft ladder material guide that will explain everything you need to know.  

Who Can Fit a Loft Ladder? 

If the loft ladder were at ground level, it would be a straightforward DIY project - unfortunately, it is not. You should think about your skills, equipment, and experience before attempting to install one yourself. Nothing can stop you if you have all of these and the motivation to install one yourself. However, you should be aware that improper installation may void any guarantee; verify with the loft ladder manufacturer or provider beforehand. 

So, if you do not meet all the criteria on this list, it might be time to hire a professional. A skilled joiner or builder will be able to assist you in this situation. 

How To Install A Loft Ladder? 

When it comes to installing a loft ladder, you have two options: do it yourself or hire a team of specialists. Self-installation necessitates the use of appropriate tools as well as a certain level of expertise. While doing the installation yourself may be time-consuming, if you have all the necessary tools and experience, it can save you money. Some loft ladders are also easier to install than others, so make sure to read the installation instructions for the loft ladder you are considering. The second option is to hire a team of specialists to install your loft ladder for you; this method is easier, less time-consuming, and ensures professional quality, but it is slightly more expensive. 

Choosing The Appropriate Loft Ladder Size 

Finding the proper loft ladder size for your home is commonly thought to be a challenging task, but it is quite simple. Because loft ladders do not come in standard sizes and are available in a variety of heights and specifications, determining the right size for your home can be challenging at times. Specific measurements must be taken to determine the appropriate size ladders for your home; these measurements will assist you in determining the appropriately sized ladder for your home. Take the following measurements to ensure that your loft ladder fits floor to ceiling height, floor to floor height, loft opening dimensions, loft opening dimensions, vertical and horizontal clearance, swing clearance, and landing space.

How To Measure Your Loft Ladder Space? 

Read our full comprehensive guide explaining everything you will need to know about measuring your space correctly to determine which loft ladder will fit your space. 

What's The Best Loft Ladder? 

It is not always easy to choose "the best" loft ladder. Identifying the best loft ladder is finding the best loft ladder that will suit your needs and fit the space you have available. To do so, you must first determine the appropriate type of ladder for your application. For example, a telescopic loft ladder is ideal for smaller spaces, whereas a folding loft ladder, typically made of wood, comes with a hatch but requires more space to operate. The bottom line is that the "best loft ladder" is determined by the qualities you seek. 


Before deciding on a loft ladder, think about what you want to do with your loft. Buying a low-cost loft ladder may appear to be a worthwhile investment right now. Keep in mind, however, that you may want to use your loft more frequently in the future, and that cheap ladder may not be up to the task. If you are still unsure about which loft ladder would be best suited in your home, please call us on 01204 590 232 and speak to one of our ladder experts who will assist you in making the best choice for you.

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