EN1004 -1:2020 Changes - What You Need To Know

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What is EN1004?

EN1004 is a European standard for mobile access scaffold towers and it’s recommended that all mobile towers are built to the standard laid out in this specification. A product standard like EN1004 ensures that whatever product is built to the certification is fit for purpose and most importantly is safe for its users.  

Key Dates - When is EN1004 Changing? 

EN1004 is currently in the transition phase of moving to EN1004-1:2020. What this means is the new standard will come into effect on 30th November 2021, making the old EN1004 specification obsolete. It is advised that any new tower bought after this date adheres to the new standards of EN1004:-1:2020.

This standard is the first revision of the EN1004 standard, however over the next couple of years a second and potentially third revision is something to keep an eye on. 

EN1004 Key Dates For Change

What does EN1004:-1:2020 Cover?

EN1004:1-2020 is the specification for mobile scaffold towers and to adhere to this standard the structure must be free-standing with four legs and wheels, be used for temporary access and shorter duration tasks, should not use fall arrest systems, have a built-in means of access and should only have one working platform at a time.

If your tower does not have the above characteristics it should comply with BS 1139-6-2014, the specification for towers on baseplates, staircase towers, cantilevers and bridge towers.

What are the key changes in EN1004:-1:2020?

The key changes in this new specification are outlined below: 

  • For the first time, towers with a working platform below 2.5m will be covered by EN 1004, as the 2020 standard covers towers from the ground up, rather than from 2.5m as it was previously.
  • Shorter maximum distances between platforms & a shorter distance between the lowest platform and the floor level.
  • Reinforced security of castor wheels to reduce the risk of them falling out
  • Requirements for both sides of the tower to be secured at both ends to keep secured in high winds
  • New dimensions to allow better developments in AGR built towers
  • New requirements to allow alternative means of access below 2m

    Key Changes Table With EN1004 Standards

    What are manufacturers doing to adhere to EN1004:-1:2020?

    All reputable manufacturers and Pasma manufacturing members are currently looking at the new specifications to see how their models need to adapt ready for November 2021. As well as design, all towers under 2m will be reviewed to add another means of fixed access. User manuals will be adjusted. 

    What do I need to do in regards to the new standard?

    First of all, let's start by saying you do not need to replace towers that are EN1004 certified and in good condition. If your mobile towers are not certified to EN1004 or are in poor condition we’d suggest replacing them as soon as possible. The working at height requirements state all equipment must be safe to use, and if your mobile towers do not follow this standard it’s likely to be missing key safety features. Other things you can do include: 

    • Write or update your purchasing policy. This should state that any mobile towers bought after 30th November 2021 should comply with EN1004-1:2020. Be sure to circulate this to all people responsible for purchasing. Podiums and low-level access equipment should also comply to BS:8620
    • Review and inspect current equipment. If your mobile tower does not certify to EN:1004 consider replacing this. 
    • Only buy towers from PASMA manufacturing members or hire towers from Hirer Dealer members. This is because they are committed to high safety standards. Manufacturing members include Zarges, Boss, Euro TowersPop Up Products and Lyte

    Does Brexit affect EN1004-1:2020?

    Brexit does not affect the EN standard, it’s a means of demonstrating compliance and the UK will not stop following these safety measures. The EN standards are even used outside of Europe in countries such as South Africa.

    Do the new changes affect my PASMA Card? 

    If you are a current PASMA cardholder after completing accredited training there is no need to be retrained under the new standards. It is likely that the course may have slight amendments to cover the changes to this standard in future, but if you have a valid card you are still seen as a competent user until the expiry date has passed.

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