Ladderstore’s 15th Birthday

Ladderstore 15th Birthday Blog Header

Ladderstore is 15 years old! Hip Hip Hooray!

The month of March is our birthday month, and this year we are celebrating 15 years as a limited company.

In the true theme of the company, we thought that it was only right to have a party to celebrate.

So on the 12th March, we donned our best party hats and went full classic kids party, with jelly and ice cream, party rings and balloons everywhere. The only thing amiss being a giant inflatable bouncy castle!   

Overall the day was a lot of fun and it was a great excuse to eat cake and socialise with colleagues. Click on the image below to see exactly what we got up to on the day!

As it is our 15th year as a limited company and with an impending website update due later in the year we thought this was the perfect opportunity to have a look back at how has looked and changed over the years.