Ladder Log Safety Inspection Stickers Now Available

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The Ladder Log Safety Inspection Sticker is an adhesive alternative to the Ladder Log tag and holder. Ladder Log is a ladder inspection system that ensures your business will meet all the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005.

Benefits of using the Ladder Log Safety Inspection Stickers include -

  • Easy to apply - strong adhesive ensures they won't fall off your ladder
  • Good for telescopic and smaller ladders - no ties or rivets required to attach a holder which can take up a lot of space on ladders with smaller stiles
  • No catch points - the Ladder Log sticker adheres closely to the ladder ensuring they can't be knocked off
  • Showerproof - Snow, wind and rain won't cause you any problems!

More Information about the Ladder Log System

The Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005 combines all previous requirements on work at height into one set of fairly specific regulations. In order to use ladders safely at work and comply with the current legislation, a fairly straightforward process has to be followed. One element of that process is that regular inspections of all work at height equipment have to be conducted by a competent person. As a Ladder Log customer, you have access to free ladder inspection checklists. Once completed you simply update the details on the Ladder Log Safety Inspection Sticker attached to your ladder and file the completed checklist. You can use our A4 Ladder Register and Inspection Summary folder to organise your inspections, or simply download the free documents to create your own register.

Ladder Log has a number of superior customer benefits -

  • Ladder Log Ladder Inspection stickers cost much less than competing products
  • Ladder Log Ladder Inspection stickers have more inspections per insert so they last longer
  • You can download the latest Ladder Log ladder inspection checklists & register documents for free
  • The A4 Ladder Register & Inspection Summary folder allows you to implement the Ladder Log system with minimum hassle.

How do I get started?

Ladder Log Safety Inspection stickers are easy to read and straightforward to complete. If you buy the A4 Ladder Register & Inspection Summary folder then as well as a quick setup guide you will get a ready-made ladder register and inspection summary to help you organise and manage your ladder inspections and have them ready should you need to present them to a Health & Safety Officer. All Ladder Log stationary is free to download so the only running costs associated with the system is replenishing the ladder inspection stickers.

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