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The working at height regulations of 2005 (WAHR2005) applies to all work that is being carried out at height where there is a risk of a fall, liable to cause personal injury. The WAHR2005 cover every industry and do not only apply to the construction sector.  Employers or anybody contracting others to work at height must ensure that it is being carried out safely and comply with the regulations put in place.

As stated on The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) website, to comply with the working at height regulations, you must ensure that:

  • All work at height is properly planned and organized
  • Those involved in work at height are competent
  • The risks from work at height are assessed, and appropriate work equipment is selected and used
  • The risks of working on or near fragile surfaces are properly managed
  • The equipment used for work at height is properly inspected and maintained

We cannot stress enough how important Working at Height Regulations are when working at height.  

If you are having trouble inspecting and keeping track of your ladders, don't worry we can help. When inspecting and maintaining your ladders there are potentially two issues that you may encounter, we will call this Problem One and Problem Two. 

Problem One - Knowing how to correctly use and inspect your ladders 

Ladderstore offers a combined Ladder Association, Ladder Users & Inspection Course which is a national training scheme for users, supervisors and managers wanting to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to use ladders legally and safely. These courses can be completed in one full day and after completion, every delegate will receive a certificate and Ladder Association photo card as objective proof of competence. Completion of this course gives you the knowledge required to use your ladders safely and inspect them for damages or potential hazards. Companies with larger training requirements can book additional training days at our dedicated training centre or arrange for onsite training to be delivered by Ladderstore. For more information please contact us on 01204 590 232

Problem Two - Keeping track of when your ladders were inspected 

Let us solve this problem by introducing you to our Ladder Log Inspection System.  The Ladder Log is a ladder inspection system that is used to ensure your business meets all the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Once the ladder inspection has been completed with our simple Ladder Inspection Checklist, you simply update the details on the Ladder Log Safety Inspection Tag attached to your ladder and file the completed checklist, which comes included in the Ladder Log Business Pack. This process makes it easy to keep track of all your ladder inspections and as the tag is displayed on your ladder, it’s always easy to find. Ladder Log Personalised Inspection Tags are also available which allows you to add your company logo, colours & details to your tags and documents.
If you would like to discuss your individual requirements, call Jacky on 01204 590 232.