Helpful Advice for the Safe Use of Ladders

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HSE  recently announced some helpful advice for the safe use of ladders in their latest bulletin which we wanted to share with you.

 Combination ladders

Following an investigation into fatal accidents, all users of combination ladders should ensure that they always carry out pre-use checks, follow the instructions provided and regularly check the locking mechanisms.

 Telescopic ladders

Due to their ease of storage and convenience, telescopic ladders have grown in popularity more recently. However, there may be a few issues with some of these products due to the number of components involved and their construction. Telescopic ladders are often recommended for a lower load this refers to the user, load and tools being used with this type of ladder this is because the stiles are prone to more considerable bending and the frames are also likely to bend. The chance of these issues occurring will also increase with the height of the ladder not helped, but the growing number of substandard products that are being made available on the UK market. Many of these products are being imported from outside of the EU and appear to be a low-cost option for consumers; however, some of these have been implicated in severe accidents, including fatalities. The relevant European Standard – BS EN 131-6:2015 – provides more information on the design requirements.

All users should ensure that pre-use checks on the ladders are thorough, checking the components and operation of each locking mechanism (often one or two per rung) and the associated release mechanisms. The ladders should be stored well, and transported carefully, ensuring that they are regularly cleaned and maintained. 

In summary, if purchasing ladders, ensure that they are certified to the relevant standards. For portable ladders look for the EN131-Professional or Non-Professional certification, for telescopic ladders EN131 Part 6 is the safest certification. More information on there regulations can be found within another article on our site: New Telescopic Ladder Regulations

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