Compact Loft Ladder Solves Narrow Corridor Problem

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Considering the popularity of using the loft as a way of increasing storage space in the home, most houses are built with small loft access hatches. It's not always possible to make the loft opening bigger, therefore for Jason, the Telesteps 60324 loft ladder was the perfect solution.

"We were looking for a ladder that would give us access to loft space above 2 bedrooms in a very tight corridor. This was to increase storage space for our home run business" said Jason at Auto Train Ltd.

"The corridor is narrow and the loft hatch is between two doors meaning that the ladder had to be telescopic and come down at a steep angle into one of the doorways. The GL250 Drop Down Loft Access Hatch we purchased with the Telesteps loft ladder was marginally too big as one of the roof joists it had to fit between was very close to the wall. However, the moulding was very easily cut to two sides with a standard wood saw. 

The job took around 2 hours including setting the loft ladder at the correct height so as to make sure that each run locked in place and didn’t catch the loft hatch."

Telesteps ladders are characterised by their technically superior manufacturing processes and simple, elegant design ethic. The unique telescopic design is patented throughout the world and manufactured in Sweden. 

The ladders are straightforward to use. They fit completely within the attic hatch and don't steal any attic storage space. When the loft hatch is opened you just pull the fabric strap to lower the holder, release the ladder latch and then pull out the ladders to their full length. The ladder is spring assisted for smooth operation and the ladders require minimal effort to raise and lower. The ladders feature extra wide treads with grooved surfaces making climbing both safe and comfortable.

The GL250-03 Drop-Down Loft Access Hatch has a twist-action catch which secures the frame in three places to provide a secure, draught-sealed fit.

"Your web site was very easy to navigate and we really liked the fact that you added “customers also purchased this”, namely the loft hatch. 

Fantastic sturdy ladder, very compact and easy to install, would recommend it to any novice/pro installer.  Loft hatch cover, very easy to work with making the finished job look very professional."

If you would like to find out more about our range of Loft Ladders or would like to discuss your requirements, call Richard on 01204 590 232 or email us.


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