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What are Little Giant Ladders?

In the 1970s, Harold “Hal” Wing, met a German painter who had an interesting idea and a primitive prototype of a new kind of ladder. Hal enhanced this ladder and engineered what is now known as the strongest, safest, most versatile ladder in the world the Little Giant Ladder. The range of  professional-grade, multi purpose ladders can be set up in 24 different positions and are one of the most renowned and well established ladder manufacturers in the world. The Little Giant ranges provide a platform in which numerous tasks can be completed. Its versatility and reliability is able to make this possible. The Little Giant System is like no other in the market, It combines a very aesthetically pleasing design with a product that is strong safe and reliable.

So we asked one of our recent customers: Why did you choose the Little Giant Ladder?

 “I had been looking for a while at ladders that were versatile, all the tall ladders I looked at either opened too wide or were not compact enough to store in the space we had available.  I thought I was looking for the impossible until I found the Little Giant Ladder; I needed at least six rungs on the ladder but also a ladder that could be stored compactly. We have limited space in our London flat so needed something that would fit within a space that was less than 1.5m square. The Little Giant Ladder met all of my requirements.”

We also were interested to find out: What tasks have you completed with your Little Giant?   

“A variety of things due to the versatility of this ladder; general household jobs such as light bulb changes, hanging items, velux installation (with our installer), varnishing top of high bookcase and accessing the attic space.”

Another customer told us “I have been able to paint the bedrooms which have ceilings over 3 metres high and I have also been able to reach the top of our bookcase in the living room which is 3.6 metres tall to give it a good clean! “

So,  How easy is the Little Giant to operate?

“ The ladder is a very easy one given its versatility. It does require a little strength to carry, extend and operate however once you find a good space, open it and the extend it as you need, it’s no problem.  Even in cramped spaces, you can extend it reasonably easily – although requires little more dexterity and effort.”

What about the stability of the ladder?

“I feel very safe on this ladder, the stability is excellent, even on stairs.  It feels very safe and secure even when fully extended and standing on the top step popping my head out the Velux window!”

So in conclusion, Would you recommend the Little Giant to a Friend?  

“I would strongly recommend to anyone who needs a versatile ladder.  It is particularly recommended for people who have very limited storage but also need to get to heights with their ladder.  It may not be the cheapest ladder on the market, but think you would be hard-pressed to find one that is better value for the money.”

Another customer noted that she was looking forward to using it with a second platform.  

We are delighted to receive such great feedback on one of our more popular products. If you are looking for a versatile ladder which is easily stored then the Little Giant Ladder could be for you. If you have any questions about these ladders or any of our other products, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We can be contacted by e-mail or you can simply give our team a call on 01204 590 232.


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