Another 5 Star Review for the Telesteps 60324 - Customer Case Study

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We love following up sales with our customers to see how they got on with their products. I recently contacted Richard Morgan, one of our customers who purchased the Telesteps 60324 Telescopic Loft Ladder. Mr Morgan was currently working on a project which would let him create a storage area in his loft to store all his camping gear, and it was great to supply him with the ladder which would help him do this. 

When asking for feedback from Richard he said

"I needed to create a storage area in the loft for camping gear. I wanted the convenience of a loft ladder rather than the hassle of using a step ladder every time I wanted to get into the loft. Had a good look on the internet for the different types of ladder available but I kept coming back to the Telesteps as the reviews I read and watched on YouTube were very positive. I liked the way they took up very little space when stored and the installation looked simple and suitable for my loft hatch. They also looked nice and sturdy and well designed and built. The only drawback was they were the most expensive type of loft ladder. But I do consider them good value due to the quality and convenience.

I measured the loft hatch height and dimensions to make sure the ladder would fit and then searched the web for the best deal. I purchase the Telesteps 60324 from the Ladderstore and they arrived quickly. When installing the ladder I found I couldn't just attach it to the wooden beam as the lip of the loft hatch prevented this. However, as you can see from the closeup photo of the installation I simple screwed straight through the loft hatch lip into the wood. This meant that there was now a small gap between the top part of the frame and the wood. This was solved by simply adding some washers between the metal frame and the wood. I also added some L brackets to strengthen the attachment of the wood to the beams running across the loft.

Pulling the springs into position would have been tricky but I had a tool which was designed to pull the springs into position on motorcycle exhaust systems and this worked well. I had to remove the insulation foam from the loft hatch lid otherwise the lid would not close with the ladder now installed. I made up a loft hatch opener tool from some metal pipe I had lying around. See picture attached. Everything worked well. The ladder came up and down nicely. Very pleased. Was now able to crack on with making the storage space in the loft. Due to our house being a new build (2014), we have a very deep layer of insulation in the loft. I, therefore, used loft legs to enable the loft boards to be raised above the insulation. Pig of a job, very awkward trying to avoid not putting your foot through the ceiling. (Was fortunate that the loft already had a light installed and even power sockets.) Job eventually completed and boards put down. Added some wood around the edge to prevent anything rolling off and going through the ceiling.
Very happy with completed project and ladder. Total cost Just under £350 including Ladder, wood, fixings, Loft Legs, loft boards etc. I would certainly recommend Telesteps. "

60324 Loft Ladder Opened Loft Storage Space
We are very happy that you are delighted with your purchase Richard, and thank you for taking the time out to contact me, your words and photos are fantastic,
Happy Camping! 
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