What Is The Best Combination Ladder

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The Best Combination Ladder

A combination ladder is the ultimate piece of equipment for any homeowner, DIY enthusiast and even a wide range of tradespeople. If you are unsure what a combination ladder is, it’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. It is a portable ladder, which by the use of simple mechanisms can be transformed into a step ladder, extension ladder and even a stairway and trestle ladder. 


When purchasing a combination ladder it can be a daunting task as there are so many on the market and each ladder can be used in different ways, this article is going to show you our top selling combination ladders, and help you choose the best combination ladder for you. 


Our Most Popular Combination Ladders. 

Our range of combination ladders have around 50 models and variations to choose from. To make your decision easier we’ve broken down our best selling combination ladders below, each of our best sellers has unique reasons why our customers love them! 


Our best selling combination ladders include the Hailo Profilot, Zarges Skymaster, Werner X4 and the complete range of Little Giant Ladders.



Little Giant Dark Horse

What Height Do You Need To Reach? 

All our combination ladders come in a range and heights and size perfect for all job types. One of the first considerations when selecting the best combination ladder for the job is to estimate the maximum height you require. Our Little Giant Ladders reach heights of 6.9m but other models of combination ladders, such as the Werner X4 extend up to 10.22m. 


In the middle of these heights come our other popular ranges, the Hailo Profilot has a maximum extension height of 8.07 m and the Skymaster ranges 9.7 m. 


Remember: To ensure maximum safety when working on a ladder you should never work above the top three steps.

What do you need from your combination ladder? 

How many different functions do you want your ladder to be able to convert into 

3, 4 or even 6? Depending on the number of jobs you are planning on using your combination ladders for you may choose to spend more money on a 6-way ladder compared to a 3-way ladder to save time and money in the long run. 


As a rule, a 3-way ladder is a combination ladder that can be transformed into a step ladder, extension ladder and a leaning ladder. A 4-way ladder can be converted into a step ladder, stairway ladder, extension ladder and free-standing ladder. Whereas a 6-way ladder can be used as a step ladder, stairway ladder, trestle step, single, double and triple extension ladder.


Do You Need Your Combination Ladder To Work On Stairs?

One of the biggest questions we get asked by customers looking at combination ladders is if they can be used on stairs. The Hailo Profilot (apart from the 12 tread) and the Werner X4 can be used on stairs, as can the Little Giant, XE, Xtreme & Velocity ranges. 


Werner X4

The smaller models of the Zarges Skymaster can be used on stairs however larger models cannot. The models that cannot include the 42523,41524 in the industrial range and 41231 & 40230 in the trade range.




Are you likely to need your combi ladder for use on uneven ground? 

If you are likely to want to use your ladder outside in your garden or you are using it for trade purposes it is likely going to be a good choice to have a way of levelling out your ladder on the uneven ground if so the Little Giant ladders and Hailo ladder have levelling features built into the ladder for that extra reassurance and stabilization on uneven ground. 




Little Giant Stabilizer Bar




For on-site use or DIY around the house? 

All the ladders on our website are manufactured to certain specifications to ensure that they are safe to use either for light use around the home or everyday use on a building site. Purchasing a ladder to the correct standards ensures the ladder is fit for purpose and limits the risk of potential injury. The Zarges Skymaster and X4 are certified to EN131 Professional and are therefore perfect for industrial use. The Little Giant and the Hailo Profilot conform to the EN131 Standards too, however, these are more aimed at light trade and domestic use. 



Additional accessories & spares

Over time we may find that components may need to be replaced, and the majority of ladders don’t give you these options. One reason why our Little Giant and Skymaster ranges are popular with our customers is the large range of additional accessories and spares. 


The Little Giant range has a whole range of accessories that can be added onto their ladders to make the job in hand a little easier. Ranging from a work platform to be used as an extra work surface when working at height and telescopic plank to create a temporary scaffolding solution our Little Giant Accessories have it all. 

Little Giant Tool Bag Little Giant Work Platform

We carry a whole host of spare parts for both the Skymaster trade and industrial ladder, perfect for replacing parts instead of having to buy a whole new ladder when a section is damaged through wear and tear.


Further Information

Hopefully, the above article has now given you all the information you need to choose the best combination ladder for you. If you are using it every day or maybe just a couple of times a year. 


If there are any questions remaining unanswered please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team by calling 01204 590232 or leaving us a message on our contact page.