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Complete range of Step Ladders for every job from a range of the leading brands such as Youngman, Werner, Lyte, Zarges and Hymer. Our offering includes only approved step ladders to ensure maximum safety for our customers. We have a wide range of certified EN131 Professional step ladders for industrial and trade as well as Non-professional for use around the home. We supply a vast selection of platform and swingback step ladders in both aluminium and fibreglass dependent on the usage.

Take a look at our Step Ladders - 10 Best Practice Tips to ensure you are using them correctly and safely. If you are looking for EN131 Professional Step Ladders they can be found here, if you are looking for more information regarding the changes see our New Ladder Standards Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Tallest Stepladder Available?

Step ladders are available in a number of heights and usually range from 3 treads to 12 treads, with some brands even offering 14 steps! Step ladder heights usually start at around 0.51m tall, with the tallest ranges reaching just under three metres. A platform step ladder at a height of 2.9m would allow the user to reach approximately 4.4m. If you're looking for a platform that is taller than 3m in height a warehouse step or mobile tower is potentially a better option as they are designed to have higher working heights and are built to allow users to work comfortably for longer a duration.

Can A Step Ladder Be Leaned Against A Wall?

No, step ladders can't be leaned against walls, step ladders are manufactured with a self-supporting design, and therefore attempting to lean them against a wall can be dangerous and are not considered safe. The only exceptions to this rule are unique designs such as the Little Giant King Kombo and select ranges of combination ladders that can be used in multiple functions.

What Are The Different Types Of Step Ladders?

Step ladders have two main different types, the swingback step ladder and the platform step ladder. The swingback step ladder is designed without a platform and often is slightly shorter when closed than a platform step ladder. The platform step ladder as the name suggests gives the user a wide platform at the top of the ladder to allow them to stand more comfortably.

When it comes to material there are typically three options, aluminium step ladders, timber step ladders and fibreglass step ladders. The most popular choice of step ladder is aluminium for trade and industrial use due to its lightweight and robust properties and fibreglass for work outside, in hazardous environments and around electricity.

What Is The First Thing You Should Do Before Using A Step Ladder?

Before using a step ladder, you should always perform a pre-check/inspection to identify any potential damage. This helps reduce the chance of an accident occurring. Performing a quick check for any potential damage is a short process that can help prevent a serious incident from occurring and should be regularly implemented. Prechecks should include checking the feet, rungs, stiles, platform and locking bars. More information on pre-checks can be found on our blog; How to inspect and maintain your ladders.

Are There Step Ladders Manufactured In The UK?

When it comes to ladders there are a number of manufacturers that take pride in manufacturing their step ladders in the UK. When purchasing step ladders manufactured in the UK, you aren't only supporting the UK economy and purchasing goods that are likely to have a lower carbon footprint but the quality of steps are typically of a higher, industrial strength quality.Manufacturers including Lyte and Climb-It are proud to produce step ladders made in the UK with EN131 Professionalcertifications.

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