Podium Stepladders

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If you'd like to achieve a little higher height but still have the security of a large guarded platform a set of podium steps may be perfect. A podium step ladder is similar to that of a platform step ladder but have a larger and more comfortable platform and an enclosed platform for safer working at height. A podium step ladder is an ideal solution when the footprint is a little more limited, they can also be easier to transport and handle. If you're still unsure if a podium step or a podium step ladder is the best choice this article may help; Podium Vs Podium Step Ladder

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Podium Step Ladder?

A podium step ladder is like a platform step ladder however with subtle differences. A podium step ladder tends to have a larger platform and is sometimes enclosed with a chain around the back to aid with working at longer durations. A podium step ladder can also be easier to transport as it simply folds when not in use and it can be used on multiple levels but a podium only tends to have one or two platform heights and can be bulkier. If you're looking for lower level access a traditional podium may be suitable.

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