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Mobile folding towers are perfect when space is limited. Poplar for maintenance, painting or even DIY these mobile towers are designed to access heights quickly but also safety. The compact design allows them not only to be easily transported but often they can fit through doorways and lifts to manoeuvre around work spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Chooses A Tower?

Before any work at height is carried out a risk assessment should be completed and as part of this assessment you should decide the best equipment for the job. Scaffold towers should be considered when working at height for an extended period of time. Ladders are only suitable for working at height for upto 30 minutes and for durations longer than this we recommend a tower to be an ideal and safe alternative. Not only do mobile towers offer better protection for working at height but they also offer guarded platforms and are much more comfortable for the user.

Do I Need To Be Trained To Use A Tower?

The working at height regulations state that a person using a ladder or tower should be competent to do so safely. Pasma are the nationally recognised body for mobile access towers and they offer a range of training courses to prove competence for users, inspectors and managers. Completing training in mobile towers with a PASMA certified training centre is best practice when using towers.

What Are The Different Types Of Towers Available?

Whatever your mobile tower requirements are there is probably an ideal solution for your application available. Towers can be used on stairways, as cantilevers and even for work over areas with large gaps. Pasma offer training on each different type of tower we have available.

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