Fibreglass Platform Step Ladders

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Ladderstore’s range of fibreglass step ladders is perfect for tradespeople working around electrical hazards owing to their material's nonconductive properties. These properties make our range of Fibreglass Step Ladders an ideal choice for electricians. Fibreglass is a strong yet lightweight material, which makes these ladders easy to use and transport on the job. Their strength ensures durability as well as the safety of the ladder whilst in use. Fibreglass is also an ideal property for working outside because it does not weaken over time when exposed to both damp conditions and sunlight.

Our range of large and small fibreglass step ladders are certified to EN131 and are non-conductive and non-corrosive. Our fibreglass platform step ladders are available on wide open and closed platforms for longer-duration tasks. Products such as the Werner Promaster are not only non-conductive up to 30,000 volts but also certified to EN131 Professional ensuring they are a safe piece of equipment to use around electricity. Our ladders range from 3 to 10 treads. Shop our range of fibreglass stepladders now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose A Fibreglass Platform Stepladder?

Fibreglass ladders are corrosion resistant, have a high heat distortion temperature, but most importantly when it comes to working around electricity, are non-conductive. This makes fibreglass the ideal choice when working around electricity. Fibreglass is slightly heavier than aluminium but is considered to be a much stronger material.

Can Fibreglass Step Ladders Be Left Outside?

Fibreglass step ladders aren't suitable for outside storage and should always be kept inside when not being used. The reason for this is that when fibreglass is exposed to sunlight it can weaken your ladders and over time this could cause substantial damage and therefore can very easily become a health and safety risk.

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