BoSS Maintenance Centre


BoSS Towers are highly popular and are well known for their strength and stability. We know that it is also easy to lose

or misplace components of your tower. When this is the case all your spare parts can be found on our Boss Accessories Page. 

Other times a repair procedure is needed to get your product back on top; this is where our BoSS Maintenance Centre jumps in.


We provide aftercare for your Kitemark BoSS Towers. We offer a range of servicing and repairs to get the most out of your BoSS

products. Our technicians are fully qualified and will be able to get your product back to brand new. We repair BoSS access towers,

BoSS podiums and MiniMax towers to safe working order for the benefit of our customers.

Our promise is to provide our customers with a safe and secure service in order to prolong the life of your BoSS products.


Providing access to quality repairs


Products repaired by the Service & Repair Centre:

  • BoSS Access Towers
  • BoSS Podiums
  • MiniMax Access Towers

Ideal for customers whose towers may be subject to a lot of wear and tear. The repair service prevents the possibility of costly replacement fees and ensures all repairs are fully compliant to the relevant

standard. Please note that it is crucial when repairing and replacing tower components they are from the same manufacturer to comply with specific standards. This service may prove most useful to

customers who are stocking a lot of equipment. It's not uncommon for equipment to come back damaged, so having the BoSS technicians by your side can offer a whole host of benefits.


The centre offers pioneering plasma cutting and welding technology to ensure that all the work is carried out to the highest standard and the equipment is etched with a unique code to allow users to trace the service history, offering additional peace of mind.


We assure our customers that:


  • Peace of mind -  We will assign a unique reference number in order for you to track and trace your products service journey.
  • Pioneer - We use the high tech plasma and welding technology when working with your products.
  • Value - Your repairs and servicing at our centre will mean that your products will remain the same high product value.
  • Assurance - We only use our Genuine BoSS and Minimax parts to repair your products.
  • Honest - We will break down each and every cost involved in repairing your BoSS product so no more hidden costs will occur. 



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The MiniMax Towers and BoSS range products all conform to the relevant British or European standards ensuring that they meet minimum safety requirements.

To find out more about Werner Co and its comprehensive range of BoSS access towers or for more information on its service and Repair Centre

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