Why You Need A Loft Ladder For Christmas

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Every time you go into the loft before Christmas or after the new year to put everything back in its box and realise you need to use a ladder. Have you considered installing a loft ladder?

You must, however, retrieve your step ladder, which you had to free from all the junk that had piled on top of it by rummaging through your garage or shed. You had to carry it up the stairs while scraping the walls. Finally, because your step ladder was too short, you had to lift yourself up into the loft, which was only possible if you could be bothered to use all that empty space within your loft instead of simply storing whatever needed to be piled on top of the pile in your shed or garage! ...does this sound familiar?

Installing a loft ladder allows you to gain access to your loft and take advantage of a large amount of empty space available, which is ideal for storage. Installing a loft ladder is the first step in creating a new additional room in your home.

Hiding Presents for Christmas  

We're all aware that there's a time lag between buying gifts and having them delivered to Santa and his elves. If you want to keep the Christmas spirit alive, now is the time to do it. If your children are old enough to realise that there might be presents in the house, they will undoubtedly go in search of them. Some of you may believe that hiding in the back of the cupboard, under the bed, or behind the sofa is a good idea, but trust us when we say that the kids are aware of these locations and will look there first!

We strongly recommend that you use your attic as a fail-safe location for your Christmas stockpile. Your kids are unlikely to gain access to the attic on their own, and if they do, you will undoubtedly catch them in the act. So, if you don't already have one, we strongly advise you to get one. It may just be enough to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a few more years.

Storing Christmas Decorations 

Most people nowadays choose to have an artificial Christmas tree, and because the tree only stays up for a month out of the year, you must find somewhere to store it for the rest of the year, and for many people, the loft is the perfect place to store all your Christmas decorations for the 11 months out of the year that they are not being used. 

Having a loft ladder to aid with the transportation of Christmas decorations from the loft to the rest of the house is incredibly beneficial, as using a loft ladder instead of trying to balance a step ladder to reach into the loft is not only so much safer as you are using a fixed ladder that is not going to move or even get knocked over during the process. It is also so much more convenient as we have mentioned above you do not have to go looking for the step ladder to drag out to use but also, we have found that a lot of people as they very well should do not feel safe when using a step ladder to get into the loft so they will wait until their partner to go into the loft for them so having a loft ladder would mean you would not only be safer but it would also safe you a lot of time as well.  

Easy Access for Trades People 

A loft ladder makes it easier for tradespeople to access your loft, and an increasing number of people have their gas boilers installed in the loft. Gas engineers will only enter your attic to perform repairs if you have a fixed loft ladder; otherwise, for health and safety reasons, they will refuse. So, if you are thinking about making home improvements in the future, such as moving your boiler into the loft to free up space in your home, keep in mind that you may also need to include the cost of a loft ladder and installation in the cost of your home improvement. 

Should You Go For Timber Or Aluminium Loft Ladder?  

Timber Loft Ladders – Advantages 

Timber ladders are well-known for their durability, strength, and dependability. If you prefer to carry heavy items up to your attic, you can feel much safer because all approved loft ladders have a maximum load capacity, and timber ladders are often stronger than aluminium ladders. Wooden ladders with hatches allow you to install the entire system directly into your ceiling. 

Timber loft ladders typically have broader and more comfortable steps, which provide additional protection and security, and are particularly popular with children and the elderly due to their increased strength and robust construction. 

Timber is also a long-lasting material that resists cracking even when subjected to daily use and heavy loads, and wooden ladders have a traditional appearance that complements modern interior design trends. 

Timber Loft Ladders – Disadvantages 

Wooden ladders, while strong and long-lasting, are larger and heavier than alternatives, making them more difficult to lift and lower. (A semi-automatic wooden loft ladder can be used to avoid this.) 

Furthermore, timber loft ladders are more expensive than their aluminium counterparts. Another disadvantage of wooden ladders is that they usually come with a loft hatch, which means that if you have a small space, you will not be able to install a wooden loft ladder in your ceiling without expanding it. Wooden loft ladders also typically come with a hatch which can both be an advantage or disadvantage dependent on your circumstances.

Aluminium Loft Ladders– Advantages 

Because aluminium is a lightweight material, it makes it easier for people who cannot lift heavy objects to use their loft ladder. When they are not in use, they appear even smaller than wood ladders, making them less noticeable. 

Because aluminium is such an easy metal to work with, aluminium ladders can be designed to be foldable, telescoping, or sliding, making them far more versatile when space is limited. 

Aluminium ladders are less expensive than wood ladders, but they are just as good and meet the same certification standards. Some aluminium ladders are made of lighter, more durable aluminium for occasional use, while others are made of heavier, more durable aluminium for commercial use. Aluminium, unlike other metals, resists corrosion and thus can withstand the test of time, particularly in humid environments. 

Aluminium Loft Ladders – Disadvantages   

Aluminium loft ladders are more likely to produce noise and feel less robust when climbing up and down than timber loft ladders. If you are afraid of heights, you will want to feel more secure and comfortable, and timber may be the answer. 

Aluminium ladders have also been accused of appearing unappealing due to their industrial appearance. They are less likely to blend in with your interior décor and become an eyesore, but you must consider how frequently you will use it. 


As you can see, there is a multitude of factors to consider when selecting a loft ladder. Both timber and aluminium ladders have advantages and disadvantages, but they are both strong and dependable. 

This is the option for you if you have a traditional, warm home and want your loft ladder to match. In this case, a wooden loft ladder would be ideal. They are also ideal for people who need a dependable option. A timber loft ladder should be able to withstand heavier materials and everyday use better than an aluminium loft ladder. 

Aluminium ladders, on the other hand, are better suited to individuals looking for a lightweight and safe ladder to gain access quickly and safely to the loft. 

What we can do to help 

To ensure that a loft ladder will fit your space, double check the information and help guides on measuring up for your loft ladder and if you have any concerns don't hesitate to get in touch

If you are having trouble deciding which loft ladder is best for you, give our knowledgeable staff a call at 01204 590 232. 

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