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The chances are you have definitely seen a Vertical Access ladder, on the side of a building, on the back of a lorry or even down the side of a water tank. Whether Indoors or outdoors, whenever a roof or raised area has to be accessed, this access must be undertaken in a safe and planned manner.

Vertical access ladders are fixed to a surface and cannot be moved. As vertical access ladders cannot be moved a major concern for most is unauthorised use. Not to worry, we can supply a range of mesh/solid barriers and security panels to keep your ladders secure when unattended.  

Ready-Made Access

We have a range of ready-made vertical access ladders which are a completely new and cost-effective vertical access solution. Ready-made fixed access ladders are supplied as a pre-drilled set of parts ready for on-site installation. This range of ready-made vertical access ladders is made exactly to your requirements so all you need to fit them is a spanner! Our most popular ready made vertical ladder is the Hymer Fixed Vertical ladders.

Bespoke Fixed Access

When an access problem isn’t simple enough to just install a ready-made fixed access ladder, we will work with you closely to design and manufacture a safe, strong and high-quality bespoke access ladder to meet your requirements. Materials and finishes can be altered to suit almost any specification with options available in steel, powder-coated aluminium and now even glass fibre for complete corrosion resistance and no electrical conductivity. 

Vertical Access Fall Protection - When is a cage required?

 Vertical Access Ladder With Cage & Parapet

To comply with BS 4211:2005 any vertical access over the height of 3m requires a safety cage. With our bespoke access solutions where a hoop arrangement is not suitable, a fall arrest system can be fitted. Either option satisfies all Work at Height Directives and can be modified to suit any situation.

Customer Reviews 

Product: Bespoke Vertical Fixed Access Ladders “I have spoken to our installation engineers who inform me that the ladders supplied by yourselves proved to be an excellent choice. The finished result is a solidly fixed set of ladders that will give the theater many years of service. Thank you for your assistance with this project, I am confident that it will not be too long before we are using your company again.” Barry, Unusual Rigging

Product: Murdoch Vertical Ladder “The ladder kit provided a cost-effective solution to our requirement of access from one level to another, it’s a fabrication is well-constructed and easy to use. The ladder came in a kit form which has been customised by ourselves to suit our client's needs. It was relatively simple to adapt and install. “ Rick, Buildzone 

Product: Bespoke Vertical Fixed Access Ladders “We were extremely satisfied with your design service and prompt delivery and would have no hesitation in recommending you, or in fact using you on any future projects. We had a call yesterday from Doncaster Council who we did the installation for. They were very pleased with the ladder.” Roger, Wilson Bros of Sheffield 

Vertical ladder with walkthrough indoors

Additional Information

If you require any further information or want to speak to our expert team regarding your vertical access issues, please don't hesitate to get it to touch. We can be contacted via our contact form or you can give us a call on 01204 590 232.


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