Understanding Specifications of a Combination Ladder

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As an e-commerce retailer, we have to ensure that the specifications and information on each product are as accurate as possible to allow our customers peace of mind when purchasing online. We do this by adding specifications on each product, and using PDFs of user manuals and instructions when available.  

Although many specifications are listed on each product there is also at times confusion when it comes to combination ladders. As combination ladders can be used in a number of ways there are more specifications on these products, than others on our website. In this blog post, we will go through the many different specifications to help you understand exactly what is meant when it comes to combination ladders.

Some specifications are a little more obvious than others, so let's start with weight:  


The weight listed on our products are the exact weight of the product. This does not include any packaging and is not the weight of the parcel but the physical product.  


The manufacturer is the company that manufactures the ladder, our manufacturers are selected on quality. All products must meet the latest ladder quality standards to get a spot on our website.  


This is the guarantee given by the manufacturers and will cover any unlikely faults with the products during this time periodWerner typically offers 10-25 year guarantees, and Little Giant offer a lifetime warranty!  

Ladder Material

This may seem obvious and it is, this is the material the ladder has been manufactured in. Usually aluminium or fibreglass, both materials have their pros and cons, for example, aluminium is lighter however fibreglass is non-corrosive and non-conductive, perfect for work around electricity. 


When looking at class on each product you have to know the use of the product to ensure you are buying to the right standard. For example, if buying for a business you must purchase to EN131:Professional, if you are buying for DIY EN131 Professional is also suitable but EN131:Non-Professional can be used.  Anything without a label or certified to EN131 (Without stating professional or non-professional could be outdated) 

Can Be Used On Stairs

Again, very simply some combination ladders can be used on stairs and some can’t. This specification will let you know which products can and cannot be used on stairways. Be sure to check the specification on the product you are buying as size can also affect the ability to use them on stairs.  Alternatively, we have created a specific category if your main purpose of purchasing a combination ladder is the ability to use it on stairs.

More Detailed Specification

Height When Open / Extended Height

This specification is the overall extended length of the ladder when you are using it as an extension ladder. If all sections of the ladder are open, this measurement is the overall vertical length.

Max Working Height

The maximum working height is an estimate of how high a person is able to reach when stood on the top-recommended tread. This calculation is an estimate as it is calculated by taking the height of the safest tread and adding 1.5m (the height of the average person). To get a more accurate figure take 1.5m from the specified height and add your height on top.  

A-Frame Height

This is the height from top to bottom of the ladder when in stepladder mode. Do remember when looking at this specification you should never stand on the top of a builders stepladder.

Closed / Section Height (metres)

The closed section height is the length of each section. This specification is helpful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this allows you to know the length for transportation or storage if you need to fit it in your garage or van. Secondly, it allows you to also approximately calculate the step ladder and extended length height as you’d simply double or triple these numbers. (should this specification be missing)  

Your Combination Ladder Options

Now you've got a better grasp of the terminology when it comes to combination ladders the next step is to choose the type of combination ladder you want. We have a wide range of combination ladders in both aluminium and fibreglass from industry leading brands. The most popular brands for combination ladders are Little GiantWerner and Zarges, more information can be found using our combination ladders buyers guide. 

Further Information

Hopefully, the above explanations and diagrams help you with your next purchase, and if in any doubt whatsoever don’t hesitate to contact our expert team, you can complete our contact us form or give us a call on 01204 590 232. 

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