How do I transport my ladder safely?

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Transporting Ladders Safely

You may already know how to operate a ladder safely, If not what are you waiting for? We have a wide range of literature to help you keep safe when working at height, but do you know how to transport a ladder in the safest way?

It would be disastrous if your ladder got damaged during your travels. Damages to your ladders aren't just inconvenient but they also pose a massive safety risk. If not secured properly to a vehicle, your ladder could be at risk of slipping off onto the roof of your pride and joy. This could lead to some quite serious face scratch marks from the ladder rattling on the top. Without the right security, it is also possible that your ladder could get stolen, which believe it or not, does happen more than you’d think.

Here at Ladderstore, our number one priority is to keep our customers safe. We have some amazing tips to ensure your ladders stay protected and secure.

Form a protective layer

Before placing your ladder on your car roof ensure that there is a soft layer separating the roof from the ladder. The protective layer does exactly that, protects the roof of your car or van from potential scraping, scratches or dents. Taking this first step will keep your roof and ladder in good shape during transportation.

Securing the ladder

Once you have placed your ladder onto your roof you then need to secure it from making sudden movements. Rope or even bungee cords are sometimes used to keep ladders tight and secure, these can easily come loose. We recommend using specialist Ladder Clamps, they can be picked up relatively cheap and secures your ladder safely.

Ladder clamps are simply brackets with padlocks which can be adjusted very easily, they allow you to secure your ladders during transportation, without the risk of cables coming loose and leaving your ladders on the road!

Final tests

Now that you have secured your ladder in place simply go for a light drive and keep an ear out for rattles to see if you ladder is at risk of slipping off. Don’t worry if your ladder is still rattling a little, this will just mean you clamps need tightening.

If you can’t hear any movements,  you are safe to go!

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us or give our expert team a call on 01204 590 232.

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