No More Step Ladders with the Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder

January is definitely loft ladder month here at Ladderstore, and with the many types of loft ladder now available, Mr Porter decided to banish his step ladders to the garage and buy a proper loft access solution.

"After many years of struggling upstairs with a step ladder every time I wanted to get into the loft, I finally decided to invest in a decent loft ladder. Although there are many 'cheap' aluminium ones around, I wanted a quality ladder that would last a lifetime and the Werner Telescopic Loft Ladder was recommended to me by a friend" said Mr Porter.

"I haven't been disappointed, The Werner Telescopic Loft Ladder is sturdy, functional and very well made giving total confidence when you use it, unlike the 'creaky' slide-down aluminium ones that are around.

Fitting was very easy, and good instructions with lots of pictures are supplied although the section on adjusting the ladder length (height) is a bit confusing. My recommendation is to assemble and fit at the supplied length and only worry about adjusting the height if you need to. After that, it's only 2 bolts to unscrew and the instructions make a lot more sense.

Youngman telescopic loft ladder in situ - customer images

Lowering the ladder is very smooth and easy although pushing it back up requires a bit more effort. My friend doesn't seem to have this problem however so I need to check with him to see if I've done something (minor) wrong."

The Werner Telescopic Loft Ladder is manufactured in aluminium with an anodised finish. It is built to withstand the toughest handling and working conditions. Suitable for smaller loft openings for home and commercial use, if you need an easy-to-install loft ladder, that looks fantastic and is easy to operate and comfortable to use then this is our number one pick for you.

"I purchased the ladder from the Ladderstore after shopping around for price and availability. Online ordering was easy and straightforward and after completing my order late afternoon, it was shipped the very next day by courier and received the day after that. Great service!"

If you would like to find out more about our range of Loft Ladders or would like to discuss your requirements, call Richard on 01204 590 232 or email us.

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