Honest Opinion On The Werner Telescopic Ladder. Is It Worth The Money?

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Customer Review - Werner Telescopic Ladder

At Ladderstore, we encourage customers to leave us feedback. We receive some wonderfully positive feedback and points on where we can improve our product offering and services. 

You can view all of our most recent reviews here. 

Today we wanted to share with you one of our most recent reviews sent to us by Sheila Barnes. Even though this review does have some elements of improvement for us as a company, we still wanted to share this with you to show things don’t always go smoothly, but when they don’t we always aim to turn it around and make any bad experience into a positive one.  

“We bought from Ladderstore because that was the first website we found which actually had this style and brand of ladder in stock. B&Q etc did not have any, and Screwfix was offering one at a silly price. Ladderstore price looked very reasonable, and we specifically looked for a Werner product as we already own a stepladder made by them. Other websites did not specify the make they were selling, so we discounted those. The Werner stepladder we own is well made and sturdy, so we expected the telescopic ladder to be well made too.

Unfortunately, the purchase was not as smooth a process as we had expected. The company was in the middle of a systems upgrade which was causing some problems.

We placed the order on Monday 3rd June and paid extra for next-day delivery. When the ladder did not arrive, we phoned and were told about the computer issues. We were told the additional charge would be refunded (confirmed by an email on 5th June) and that the ladder should arrive on Thursday or Friday. All throughout we were treated with respect and courtesy by the staff who were most apologetic about the problems caused and told us that there were a number of customers whose orders had not gone smoothly because of the systems upgrade. On Friday 7th June no ladder appeared. We phoned again, and the staff member (a very helpful lady) called back to apologise; the warehouse had misplaced our order, so it had not been processed. She offered to get the ladder to us on Saturday, but by then we had done a lot of the work for which we originally ordered it, so said that Monday would be fine. On Monday 10th June the ladder arrived. In truth, if it had not, we would have cancelled the order. 

We opened the box and were very pleased with what looked like a sturdy product which was easy to use and had excellent safety features. It was reasonably light to carry, and in its “folded” state was small enough to fit in the car. It was put to use immediately, and we are very pleased with it so far. It’s easy to extend and contract, the red and green patches to show that the rungs are locked in place are very clear, and it feels strong and sturdy to climb up and down. The rungs are a little far apart for my short legs, but not unduly so, and it took a bit of getting used to having rungs with treads which were at right-angles to the ladder and not slanted.

The ladder was bought for a specific purpose, although it will be used at home in other situations, especially as it is easy to transport around the place. The attached photo shows the ladder propped up against the stern of our boat, which is out of the water for annual maintenance jobs. Inevitably there is a lot of going up and down to get things out of the boat, put things back in, and working on the parts of the boat which can’t be reached from the ground. I felt quite safe on the ladder (even though I’m not keen on them normally).

We hope that in the long term the ladder will prove to be as strong and well made as it appears to be; so far we are very happy with it.' 

We are so glad that the telescopic ladder purchase worked out so well! It just shows the versatile uses for a ladder and just so handy they can be especially the helpful piece of kit a telescopic ladder can be.  

If you are interested in purchasing a telescopic ladder or would like to find out more about the product, then head over to our telescopic ladder guide that explains everything you need and would want to know about a telescopic ladder.

You can purchase the telescopic ladder as featured in this blog post here.

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