2015 Ladder Exchange reduces risk of falling from height for ninth year in a row

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RUNNING from 1 September to 31 December, the Ladder Exchange finished its ninth year on a high note, as ladder users across the country seized the opportunity to replace broken and bent ladders for safe, new ones at a discount. 
Launched by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2007, but now run and managed by the Ladder Association, the Ladder Exchange is an annual initiative which encourages the trade-in of ‘dodgy’ ladders to several partner organisations across the UK.
Gary Chudleigh, Ladder Association Marketing and Communications Officer, commented: “Over the years the Ladder Exchange has removed thousands of unsafe ladders from service, thus reducing the risk of an accident resulting from a worn or faulty product.”
“Equally important is the fact that buyers and users of ladders, and the people who supervise their use, are encouraged to think about height safety in general and ladder safety in particular over the period of the campaign. With falls from height still one of the biggest cause of deaths and injuries at the workplace, anything that helps to keep people safe is a good thing.”
According to the Ladder Association, the same can be said of the Idiots on Ladders competition that runs alongside the Ladder Exchange. By inviting the public to submit images of people using ladders in a risky way on social media, it aims to highlight the dangers associated with unsafe ladder use.
“This year’s winning image is a prime example of how not to use ladders,” said Chudleigh. “Wrong in every detail, it simply serves to illustrate the need for proper ladder training. Gone are the days when learning on the job is acceptable. The risks are simply too great.”

Gary Chudleigh
Marketing & Communications Officer
Ladder Association

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