Telesteps 60324 Telescopic Loft Ladder for Small Hatch Sizes

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Compact model for small hatches is simple to install with no clearance required in your loft, smooth and easy to operate, robust and comfortable to use and looks absolutely fantastic. If you need an easy to install loft ladder, that looks fantastic and is easy to operate and comfortable to use then this is our number one pick for you.
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Telesteps ladders are characterised by their technically superior manufacturing processes and simple, elegant design ethic and are one of our bestselling loft ladders. The unique telescopic design is patented throughout the world and manufactured in Sweden. Spend 5 minutes at their manufacturing plant and you know two things. Firstly, their attention to even the smallest detail is staggering. Secondly, the quality of the materials used and the quality checking process ensure that these ladders will have a long, active and safe service life. For example, every vital component is manufactured from anodised aluminium that will never rust.

These strong and sturdy ladders are straightforward to fit and use. The only hard part of installing it is when you attach the springs to the ladder you need someone with a bit of strength to attach them other than that its easy.

 They fit completely within the loft hatch and don't steal any loft storage space and are ideal for small hatch sizes.They are also ideal if you have any restrictions in the loft as they sit compactly on the loft hatch.

 When the loft hatch is opened you just pull the fabric strap to lower the holder, release the ladder latch and then pull out the ladders to their full length. For safety reasons all the steps have to be extended and locked into place so that the red buttons are fully visible. Unless the steps are completely locked they are not safe to use.

The ladder is spring assisted for a smooth operation and the ladders require minimal effort to raise and lower. The ladders feature extra wide treads with grooved surfaces making climbing both safe and comfortable.

If you need a sturdy, easy to install loft ladder, that looks fantastic and is easy to operate and comfortable to use then this is our number one pick for you.

The Telesteps Loft Ladder comes fully assembled and installation is just a matter of fitting six screws. Suitable for Ceiling Heights 2.45m, and for hatch sizes down to 520 x 600 mm. Form and function? These ladders look fantastic. The design is innovative and minimalist. The look is sophisticated and expensive. Extremely compact yet stable and safe to climb with zero loft space required and can be used in the tightest of spaces.

Pack Contains: 2 Bars, 1 Strap, 2 Springs.

More Information
Weight (KG) 13.700000
Manufacturer Telesteps
Important Information All parts on the Telesteps ladder range are replaceable. Please call us on 01204 590 232 if you require any replacement parts.
Guarantee 1 Year
Ladder Material Aluminium
Floor to Ceiling Height 2350 to 2450 mm
Min Loft Opening Size Required 520 x 600 mm
Loft Space Horizontal Clearance 250 mm
Loft Space Vertical Clearance 250 mm
Min Folding Swing Clearance Required 0 mm
Tread Dimensions Depth 90 mm
Closed Dimensions 1 metre
More Specifications Max Weight Load 150 kg

5.00 Average

43 Reviews


The ladder is excellent and ideal for my purpose and great value for money.


This is the third set of Telesteps loft ladders I've had from you. Great product, good price, next day delivery and that was free. A very happy customer. I've recommended this to some of the lads on site so you should get more orders.


I bought the ladder for my son and his wife and he and I installed it a couple of weeks ago. They own a small three bedroomed house in Wandsworth and need to use the loft for storage. The loft hatch position, at the top of the stairs, is such that we needed a ladder that both fits the landing area and takes minimum space in the loft. Other ladders I looked at were less stable, or bigger or would not fit the landing footprint. My son and his wife are delighted with the look, the feel and the use of the ladder, it seems very well engineered and is simple to use. Buying the ladder was very easy and delivery was fast. Fitting it would have been a little easier with some written instructions and better pictures. The reality is that fitting it is easy but the instructions don’t help much. Fitting the springs is a knack and is best tackled using a piece of cord to pull the springs over the pegs. I chose Ladderstore based on online feedback and was not disappointed. I will use them again should the need arise.


I bought the ladder for my parents. It's revolutionised getting into the loft! My experience of the Ladderstore website was great too.


Really good quality and value for money. Keep up the good work. Very easy to place order and the delivery was quick.


The product was easy to install, but it would have been easier had the instructions had more details. e.g. the amount of space required for the ladder when folded up into the loft. Also tips on how to extend the springs, which are very strong, and attach them safely.


Excellent product. Easy to install, high quality materials. Great price from Ladderstore, same as Screwfix. Delivery within 48 hours to North Devon, Brilliant!


So far so good. Easy to install and as robust as suggested. So far it has met my expectations.


Easy to install and better than I expected. Good service and price.


Basically the loft hatch leads to a long but narrow loft space (this is a typical Devon Long House built in the 18th century) with the water tank being only 250 mm from the hatch opening. The problem was therefore not a small hatch but that a conventional loft ladder, when raised, would not fit the available space. The Telesteps ladder works perfectly and solves the problem. It was not possible to place a ladder on any of the other hatch faces as the hatch is on the wall of the room below and the extended ladder would not therefore open fully into the room below and the other hatch faces are into the roof pitch. Telesteps loft ladder is well made, easy to fit and for me solved a real problem.


The product is of good, sound quality and feels robust. Easy to install by one person. I would guess some people may struggle knowing the best way of fitting the springs. The fitting instructions are generally okay, but I would recommend more details on how to fix the springs would be appreciated by many people, and that someone with strength will be needed. Having the instructions on the website is extremely useful as I was able to compare these with other makes. The simplicity over others e.g. Youngman products was a selling point.


I bought the ladder on the recommendation of a very good friend from Guernsey who bought the same product a year or two ago. He was delighted with them for their purpose, quality and price. I have used the ladder as designed to provide access to my loft, making it a whole lot easier to get up and down rather than using a pair of step ladders that had to be carted up and down stairs and made for a rather unsafe process of getting up and down into the loft. My wife can use the loft ladder now too. The reason I bought from you online was the convenience and price. I compared options from many other places before selecting Ladderstore. We are very pleased with the purchase. In fact I wanted to see if I could now buy the extension feet for the product too, as this will give me some added flexibility using the space immediately behind the ladder, by allowing it to reach further and position it at a slightly less steep angle.


The product is sturdy and somewhat bulkier than anticipated. However, that is not a bad thing, as it is a telescopic pair of ladders and unfolds like binoculars. So narrow at point of fixing and wider at bottom when pulled down. Very pleased.

Jason, Auto Train Ltd

Fantastic sturdy ladder, very compact and easy to install, would recommend it to any novice/pro installer.


Very good product. Easy to install, compact and steady.


Excellent build quality. Solved a major problem in finding a ladder that would fit in the loft space available.


I was using a pair of step ladders to access the loft which was not ideal as we were keeping the ladders in our spare room making it look untidy and taking up lots of space, my missus couldn't get into the loft without me holding the ladders which was very inconvenient, especially when I was watching something good on the telly. I have fitted a set of loft ladders a few years ago in another property and remember it being a bit of a nightmare, I was very pleased with how easy these were to install with the hardest bit being fitting the springs, which after a bit of head scratching and reading online I found an easy way of fitting them.


The ladder was fairly simple if you carefully followed the pictorial fitting instructions. Good service associated with helpful advice, and the opportunity to check first for the correct equipment excellent. I would recommend this company.


There is very little clearance available inside our loft due to a condensate pipe from a boiler and the roof supports, therefore loft ladder options were limited. Our carpenter was pleasantly surprised how easy the Telesteps loft ladder was to assemble/install and he will be ordering the same ladder in future if a similar situation arises. The communication from Ladderstore was excellent and the ladder arrived the next working day as promised, well packaged and by courier. This product solved a major problem with completing our loft space conversion. I am a very happy customer and thoroughly recommend Ladderstore.


The issue we had was that if we wanted access to the loft we would have to keep a step ladder in the house. I researched various types of loft ladder but these all required changing the shape of the current opening. This wasn't possible due to a beam being in the way, therefore I had to get a solution that would work with my square access. I came across the Telesteps telescopic ladder. Your website had all the details such as how to determine which ladder was needed, measuring etc. All information easily accessible for viewing and this helped me to make my choice easily. This also made me use Ladderstore for my purchase. The process of buying was simple and quick, hassle free, as was your delivery. I had a new hatch made and I replaced the old push up cover with a drop down hatch. I then fitted the Telesteps, again extremely easy to install as per the instructions. Now I can access the roof space simply and safely. The Telesteps are brilliant. Simple to close after use and all in all an excellent choice to solve my problem.


Excellent product and easy to install, although a dedicated spring extender supplied with the ladder would have helped. Really happy with the end result.

Gillian and Paul Butterworth

This ladder incidentally is a fantastic find as it is on our bedroom ceiling so we used the loft hatch you sell as well and all is wonderful, thank you. We have also purchased from you 2 more ladders and hatch covers for our 2 sons so well done.

Richard Morgan

I needed to create a storage area in the loft for camping gear. I wanted the convenience of a loft ladder rather than the hassle of using a step ladder every time I wanted to get into the loft. Had a good look on the internet for the different types of ladder available but I kept coming back to the Telesteps as the reviews I read and watched on you tube were very positive. I liked the way they took up very little space when stored and the installation looked simple and suitable for my loft hatch. They also looked nice and sturdy and well designed and built. The only draw back was they were the most expensive type of loft ladder. But I do consider them good value due to the quality and convenience. I measured the loft hatch height and dimensions to make sure the ladder would fit and then searched the web for the best deal. I purchase the Telesteps 60324 from the Ladderstore and they arrived quickly. When installing the ladder I found I couldn't just attach it to the wooden beam as the lip of the loft hatch prevented this. However as you can see from the close up photo of the installation I simple screwed straight through the loft hatch lip into the wood. This meant that there was now a small gap between the top part of the frame and the wood. This was solved by simply adding some washers between the metal frame and the wood. I also added some L brackets to strengthen the attachment of the wood to the beams running across the loft. Pulling the springs into position would have been tricky but I had a tool which was designed to pull the springs into position on motorcycle exhaust systems and this worked well. I had to remove the insulation foam from the loft hatch lid otherwise the lid would not close with the ladder now installed. I made up a loft hatch opener tool from some metal pipe I had lying around. See picture attached. Everything worked well. Ladder came up and down nicely. Very pleased. Was now able to crack on with making the storage space in the loft. Due to our house being a new build (2014), we have a very deep layer of insulation in the loft. I therefore used loft legs to enable the loft boards to be raised above the insulation. Pig of a job, very awkward trying to avoid not putting your foot through the ceiling. (Was fortunate that the loft already had a light installed and even power sockets.) Job eventually completed and boards put down. Added some wood around the edge to prevent anything rolling off and going through the ceiling. Very happy with completed project and ladder. Total cost Just under £350 including Ladder, wood, fixings, Loft Legs, loft boards etc. I would certainly recommend Telesteps.

Paul Dale

I've researched many loft ladders but only a few worked for my install. The existing hatch is 700mm x 700mm with no option to enlarge or relocate and the ladder needed to drop onto a narrow landing. I needed something small, easy to operate, that didn't steal space in the attic when stored. Telesteps ticked all the boxes (and satisfied the engineer in me!). Easy to fit although the outer 4 fixings are somewhat obscured by the stiles and it takes a significant pull to fit the springs (I found that the springs were easier to fit when the ladder is in the stowed position from inside the attic). Now it's been in use a while I can say it's high quality, easy to operate, the treads are comfortable and it's very stable. Overall an excellent product and the service I received from Ladderstore was outstanding too. Good communication and fast delivery. Perfect! Thanks.


I purchased this ladder to fit a small hatch (700x520mm) with limited space above. To fit this I had to convert the old hatch which hinged up into a hinged down hatch, and this was the bulk of the work. Fitting the ladder itself was very simple, requiring only 6 screws. I chose to re-enforce the end of the hatch I was mounting the ladder to with a 44x140mm decking beam securely screwed and bracketed to the loft joists, mainly because I anticipated that the weight of the ladder hanging from a bracket at one end would exert more torsion than the existing loft hatch frame could take, and the height of the ladder mounting bracket exceeded the height of the existing loft hatch frame. Stretching the springs to install them requires some strength, but is fairly easily achieved by looping some cord through the springs and pulling down to attach the lower end. Delivery was speedy, the ladder arrived complete and in good shape, the service from Ladder Store was faultless. I would definitely buy from Ladder Store again.


Im pleased to give feedback on the 'Telesteps 60324 Telescopic Loft Ladder for Small Hatch Sizes' because I am very happy with the purchase. The ladder is everything it should be; sturdy, easy to use and giving confidence to the user. It is simple to use, with no danger of being speared by a descending section. The hatch size here is actually fairly normal, but the roof is low. This ladder is small as it enters to roof-space and lies on top of the door. This means that there is no 'juggling' to get the ladder up and all the loft floor space can be used. The positioning allows insulation to be fitted underneath. My only critical comment is that the instructions have tiny pictures and the suggested YouTube link shows a slightly different ladder. Actually fitting the ladder is simple and a drawing/photo of the top of the fitted ladder would be useful.


An excellent product although the instruction booklet came for the wrong size ladder. The fixing is the same so that was not a major issue.


I liked the look of the ladder before I purchased, and I was not disappointed when I installed it. It looks and is very strong and hopefully it will give me long service. On the downside it is heavy even for a man and especially so for a women. A person less than, say, 5'8'' tall would struggle to raise or lower the ladder without the aid of some sort of a step. My wife (aged 65) would struggle to operate the ladder on her own - I, therefore, leave the ladder down most of the time as I can move around it easily.


Excellent for tight access fitting. Fitting instructions need improving.


It's very good but was not compatible with my loft hatch which has a thickness of 6 cm.


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